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HNBK Title

On October 28, teachers Claudia Welzel and Ute Keller visited the Centro Integrado Politécnico de Formación Profesional Donapea in Pamplona (Spain), an institution of the Ministry of Education of the Regional Government of Navarra. The two visited various school centers in Navarre throughout the week.

Carmen Rodrigo, the person in charge of International Relations, welcomed them together with the Headmistress of the school, Libertad Martinez, and the Head of the Electrical Engineering Department, Joxean Azpiazu. They toured the facilities of our school center and participated in classes for Administration, Electrical Engineering and English.

The lessons in Administration were conducted by Monica Mediavilla in English. Joxean Azpiazu and Milek Bilbao showed their electrical engineering lessons. The English lesson was given by teacher Amaia Martinez-Pantoja.

Many thanks to all of them for their efforts. Many thanks also to the automotive engineering teacher, Raul Puente, who presented his setups in German.

Text: CIP Donapea/KEL, Photo: CIP Donapea

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