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MITEU-Show Music – Technology Innovation European Show (English language version)

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During the concert in Cosenza/Italy

During the concert in Cosenza/Italy

Partner schools:
Lycee Polyvalent Louis Armand, Nogent sur Marne / France
Instituto Tecnico Industriale A. MONACO, Cosenza / Italy
Rezeknes Valsts gimnazija, Rezekne/ Latvia

Projectt sponsor:
COMENIUS – School Partnership

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Project duration 2009-2011

In addition to technical skills, creativity and innovation are important key competences demanded by the economy. In a unique way, students from the HNBK and schools from 6 other countries were able to acquire and demonstrate these competences in the COMENIUS project of the „Music, Innovation and Technology European Show“ (MITEU-Show).

As part of the project, students and teachers planned and organised a 2-hour rock music show on the themes of “interaction between people and technology“ and “peace and international understanding“. The premiere of the show was in Essen in December 2010, when Essen was “European Capital of Culture“. Two other successful performances took place in Nogent-sur-Marne (France) and Cosenza (Italy). 150 students and 25 teachers from 7 countries took on various tasks and roles. Besides the HNBK, the two vocational schools Instituto A.Monaco from Cosenza, Italy and the Lycee Louis Armand in Nogent-sur Marne, as well as high schools from Latvia, Greece, Romania and the Czech Republic were involved in this great project.

The international MITEU band, made up of students and teachers from the different schools, performed cover songs by Pink Floyd and ACDC, among others, and six songs composed by themselves in the intercultural exchange. In the self-composed songs, the young people expressed their desire for friendship and peace and to overcome borders and walls between people. Three of the songs are called “Friends“, “Let peace begin with me“ and “Let’s communicate“. Teachers and students designed the stage set, choreography and costumes for the stage show. A highlight of the show was when French students performed a human-robot fight as a Brazilian capoeira demonstration. The HNBK and the two schools from France and Italy were responsible for the stage technology (sound, light and laser show) with automatically controlled light effects and video productions. Self-built and self-programmed robots were used on stage for the show. In addition to three rovers made during the COMENIUS project EUROV, there were also three dancing robots whose choreography to “Hells Bells“, programmed by students of the HNBK, was another highlight of the show. Part of the light show were omnidrives moving in all directions, which were created in cooperation between the LL.A. and the HNBK. At the LL.A. the omnidrives were designed and the mechanical parts produced, at the HNBK they were programmed for the stage show.

Another of many highlights was a zeppelin sponsored by RWE that flew through the concert hall, filming the stage and auditorium. The resulting films were live interludes in the video production. From the HNBK, 4 teachers and 19 students took part in the trips and another 3 teachers and 20 students took part in the preparation and realisation of the show in Essen. The stage technology for the concert in Essen was provided by students of the event technology course of the Berufskolleg Stadtmitte of the city of Mülheim an der Ruhr. In addition to a website, a DVD and a CD were produced. The project was an incomparable experience for all involved and an impressive example of European cooperation between sudents and teachers from different types of schools. The project was presented by Alfred Lehmann and Vera Beeker at the conference “Frischer Wind mit MINT“ (“Fresh Wind with MINT“) of the “Pädagogischer Austauschdienst“ (PAD) in 2013 and was evaluated as an outstanding example of a European school project funded by the COMENIUS programme.

PAD-Aktuell October 2013 with an article about the symposium “Frischer Wind mit MINT“ and our project (in German)

The German version of this page is available here.

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