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HNBK Title


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The Heinz-Nixdorf-Berufskolleg has existed as an independent school since 1970, at that time under a different name, and has used the current building in Dahnstraße from the beginning.

The most important dates in the history of our school:

1942, Sept. 16/17 and 1943, April 3
During air raids, large parts of today’s Berufskolleg Essen-West (then Industrieberufsschule Essen-West) are destroyed. The western wing, where the HNBK now stands, is not rebuilt afterwards.
Driven by the soaring demand for skilled workers, 2,600 students are taught in the electrical department of the vocational school at the then Gewerbliche Unterrichtsanstalten – Schule West.
The Essen City Council decides to divide the school.
New construction begins after the city of Essen decides to build it on the site of the former west wing, facing Dahnstrasse.
1969, June 1
OStD Manfred Mettke becomes the first headmaster of the Schule für Elektrotechnik (School for Electrical Engineering)
At the beginning of the 1970/1971 school year, the building can be occupied on a makeshift basis.
Mr. OStD Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang Meyer becomes headmaster of the Gewerblichen Schule der Stadt Essen – Schule für Elektrotechnik (Industrial School of the City of Essen – School for Electrical Engineering).
The IT professions 1996/1997 and the cooperation with the Erich-Brost-Berufskolleg:
A formal cooperation agreement with the Erich-Brost-Berufskolleg für Wirtschaft und Verwaltung (Vocational College for Business and Administration) of the City of Essen focuses on the advancement of the trainees: It is not the trainees who drive, but the teachers. In this way, the highest quality in the fields of business and information technology is ensured in each case – until today.
The school conference decides, with the approval of the Nixdorf family and the school committee of the city of Essen, to give the vocational college a new name: Heinz-Nixdorf-Berufskolleg. The changed specialties find their way into the addition of the name: Elektrotechnik, Telekommunikations- und Informationstechnik der Stadt Essen (Electrical Engineering, Telecommunications and Information Technology of the City of Essen) are an expression of the developments in technologies and the job market.
Start of the general renovation:
What was originally intended to be a window and facade renovation turns into an extensive general renovation that is necessary from a structural engineering point of view. Initial analyses begin.
2014, summer to 2016, Oct.
Mr. StD Willy Rasche takes over, in addition to his duties as deputy headmaster, the provisional management of the HNBK – supported by the extended school management.
The practical work of the renovation begins.
Since renovations are carried out while classes are still in session, some courses of study are now located in the building of the expiring Essen-Süd Comprehensive School on Frankenstraße.
2016, Feb.
The Essen City Council approves construction costs of 16.4 million euros with a completion date of 2018.
2016, Nov.
The vacant position of the school management is filled. Mr. OStD Dipl.-Ing. Jörg Gleißner takes over the management of the vocational college.
2017, summer
The first new part of the building is occupied.
New media-based teaching facilities are now available. In terms of content, Industry 4.0 is given a didactically modern concept.
2019, summer
The second third of the renovated and redesigned building is occupied.
2021, summer
With the completion of the last third, the general renovation of the building is completed. All educational programs are once again united on Dahnstraße.

The German version of this page is available here.