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HNBK Title

EURLAB EUropean Robotic LABorator (English language version)

Partner schools:
Lycee Polyvalent Louis Armand, Nogent sur Marne / France
Instituto Tecnico Industriale A. MONACO, Cosenza / Italy
Project sponsors:
Erasmus +, Strategic Partnership

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Project duration September 2014 – September 2017

In 2014, the EURLAB project was approved with 99 out of 100 points under the “Erasmus +“ program of the European Union. Besides the HNBK, the vocational schools “Instituto Tecnico Industriale A. MONACO“, from Cosenza, Calabria in Italy and the “Lycee Polyvalent Louis Armand“ from Nogent-sur Marne in France were involved.

During the 3-year project, a virtual laboratory environment accessible on the Internet was created with learning materials on robotics. These can be found on the project website

In addition, real fablabs (fabrication laboratories) were set up in the 3 schools with the appropriate computer technology and equipment with tools and production machines such as laser cutters, 3D printers for building robots.

The learning process follows the principles of cooperative learning and the “flipped classroom“, in which the students work out the theoretical basics largely independently in small groups with the help of the Internet-based learning materials and then implement these in the practical construction and programming of robots, with support from teachers in the sense of the „flipped classroom“ method. These learning and working environments are now used in our schools for regular teaching purposes.

In the first year of the project, the laboratory environments and learning content and a concept for two-week workshops on robotics were created. A first workshop with students took place in November 2015 in Nogent sur Marne with a total of 73 students and 16 teachers. Two further workshops, each with 50 students and 10 teachers, took place in Essen in April 2016 and in Cosenza in November 2016. Participating from the HNBK were 28 students from the vocational high school, where the learning content is part of the advanced course in technical computer science.

In addition to the workshops, 5 students of the technical classes of the HNBK had the opportunity to work on robot projects in cooperation with technicians from France and submit them as project work of their exam. The result was a teleoperated robotic arm, which is controlled by human gestures via the Internet, and a rovedrone as a combination of rover and drone.

The common project language was English. The first simple sentences in the three partner languages were practiced in language learning units.

On the weekends, there were excursions into the surrounding area. A special highlight was the two-day visit to Pompei and Paestum and the Vesuvius near Naples.

The project results were presented during the last joint project week in May 2017 at the InnoRobo trade fair in Paris.

Project website with experiences and documentations of project results (in English)

The German version of this page is available here.

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