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An overview of the previous international projects at the HNBK is available here.

On the road in Europe with the HNBK

At Heinz-Nixdorf-Berufskolleg we feel particularly committed to the European idea and have been involved in international projects and school partnerships throughout Europe for over 20 years.

Due to this European commitment, the HNBK received Erasmus accreditation in the field of vocational education and training in 2021 from the National Agency “Education for Europe at the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training“ (NaBiBB).

Funded by EU programmes such as Comenius and Erasmus+, numerous students, so far mainly from the full-time school education programmes, have been abroad in Europe. You can find photo reports about these exciting European projects, for example in France, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway or Poland, here.

In the future, we will also internationalise the courses at the vocational school more strongly, as the acquisition of international professional competence is becoming increasingly important for our trainees in order to remain competitive on the labour market.

In this way, the HNBK would also like to make an active contribution to maintaining and expanding the Ruhr region as a business location, to which the school is particularly committed in its school programme.

The future digital challenges of Industry 4.0 can only be met by a high-quality and internatio-nally competitive educational offer. Thus, in the future, teachers will also be able to gain professional experience in other European countries thanks to Erasmus+, thereby expanding and strengthening their professional competences and language skills.

Working in international teams with our long-standing and new cooperation partners also promotes personal and social skills. Therefore, international exchange and cooperation should become the norm at the HNBK.

The contact person for European activities at the HNBK is:

OStR Dr. Jörg Dixkens:


An overview of the previous international projects at the HNBK is available here.

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